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A Solo Exhibition of Contemporary Paintings by Jerry Nabors

About Jerry Nabors

For Jerry Nabors, his dream to one day become an artist dates back to a much earlier time in life. While growing up on a farm in rural Southwest Oklahoma, Jerry’s exposure to art was non-existent and Contemporary Fine Art was, most certainly, a world away from the cotton patch he knew. But his first art class, taken in his senior year at Mangum High School, helped reignite the inner fires of a childhood dream he coveted and his journey began. …read more

Jerry Nabors

Why buy original artwork?

Starting your own collection or adding to your collection of original artwork can be very rewarding. When starting a collection buy something that really speaks to you and that you will enjoy for the rest of your life. When you connect with an original piece of artwork you are connecting with the artist. You can discover a piece of art that speaks you from an emerging artist for a very reasonable investment or you can choose an established artist that you really like and invest in work that has the possibility of increasing in value over time.

Creativity has endless possibilities.…read more

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Additional representation of Jerry Nabors Original Paintings: Santa Fe, Victory Contemporary Gallery • Dallas, Charles Ray Showroom Dallas Market Center, Fort Worth, Wright at Home/Clearfork • Wichita FallsTX A&I Design II, LP Gallery

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